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More on Parent Teacher Relationships, by Kemi Barrow

on February 18, 2012

Parents they say should be more actively involved in supporting their children’s education even at early years.So what can parents do the support the education of their young children, and what support can teachers and the institutions provide to support and encourage parents to get involved? In my experience, parents need to get to know their children’s teachers and vice-versa. Of course, not in a manner as to unduly influence them, but rather to build some positive meaningful relationships. This not only increases the channels of communication between teachers and the parents, but also motivates the teachers to take their tasks more seriously, and increases their level of commitment, ownership and responsibility.

A good relationship paves the way for the exchange of ideas related to the development of the child. Remember, your children spend sometimes 8-10 hours in schools or day-care centres each day, and you are left with at most 5 hours with them awake each working day. By building relationships, you are able to properly monitor and track the development of your child, especially when your child is still developing her verbal abilities, and may not be able to express herself properly


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